Information About Our New Update

Hi There fellow friends!!! :D


maybe some of you asking why i take a long time to update.

Err.. yeah for the past months, i have been busy..

…playing Elsword :v


but i think i won’t play it again because it’s such a waste of time,

sooooo you will have your NEW Live Wallpaper as usual :D

but again, there’s an Issue with ALL Google Developer. So my new wallpaper won’t show until maybe 23 September (the latest, i hope i can update it as fast that i can)

and there will be 8 NEW awesome LWP’s that i will upload in that day!!

with new Ads Type, no Push Ads and Icon Ads :)

Good News for you, eh? It’s bad news for me, because my income will drop significanly, and no more pizza for me, lol.

but i hope no Push+icon Ads = MORE USER :D


okay enough chit chat, this is the sneak peak for our Updates!


*and of course when there’s the release time, there’ll be MOAR LWPS for your beloved Android, FOR FREE!!! ;>

1024 (1) 1024 1024 (2) 1024 (3) 1024 (4) 1024 (6) 1024 (5) 1024 (7)