Live Wallpaper : Touhou – Remilia Scarlet

Remilia Scarlet
The vampire from Touhou Project.
This Wallpaper will bring your android to burst in red color, as if Remilia really there!
There will be many red knifes and ‘bats’ floating in high speed in your android device.
If you’re true fans of Remilia, you should have this LWP to your home screen.

This Live Wallpaper has been optimized to use as little as possible battery power.
*please be patient and click “wait for responding” if your phone get busy accepting 2 Licence Aggrement*

Features :
– Super HQ Image
– direction available to choose (but please don’t change it)
– 3 different ‘difficulty’ setting
– interact with the falling items feature

Set Wallpaper Guide :
– @home, press menu key and select “wallpaper”-“live wallpaper” and choose the one you want to set.

TAGS : Touhou, vampir, loli remilia, flandre, gungnir, 東方Project, danmaku


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