LWP Caged Princess Asuna


Painting like Live Wallpaper, featured Asuna, the main heroine in Sword Art Online.
This beautiful scene is taken from SAO episode Alfheim Online.
With beautiful glowing wisp that flying aroung slowly.
Did you miss SAO too?
use this lwp in your phone

Feature :
– Famous Anime / Cartoon Character
– Flawless Animation
– Interactive with the items
– change speed, direction, and number
– can be used in non scrollable home
– New Type of Ads, Slider, Cool and Sleek, and less annoying (see the screenshot)
– Add Cool & Awesome Post Call menu. (see the screenshot)

all ads only appear in-apps, plus new after call menu.
in this beautiful & useful menu, you can
1. see/download/search free offer
2. call/sms/email
3. see calendar menu

Set Wallpaper Guide :
– @home, press menu key and select “wallpaper”-“live wallpaper” and choose the one you want to set.
– @home, press and hold the screen, then select “set wallpaper…”-Choose “Live wallpaper” then select the one you want to set.

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Do 1 of the command bellow for unlocking the download.